I enjoy writing, to put it mildly.  I’m an English major and a writer (and a reader, but being an English major ironically gives me very little time to indulge that hobby) and I’ve been paid for SEO writing, proofreading, and ghostwriting.  I think that gives me at least a little legitimacy when it comes to talking about…well, writing.

But what about writing?

The process of creating the world a story takes place in, and the characters that populate that world. These don’t need to be read in any particular order, and keep in mind, I’m not teaching how to write. The actual stringing together of words is up to you.

I’m going to explore the naming of characters and worlds. Or, most specifically, how not to go about naming them. Such a simple thing can still have faux pas. This delightful little rant is here.

I’m going to look into the process of creating characters and the worlds they inhabit. Along with that, I’m going to offer a handful of resources to make it that much easier to bring them to life. I’m sure some people feel entirely confident in their ability to do it all on their lonesome, but a helping hand never hurt. That helpful bit of glurge is here.

I’m going to dive into the different ways a plot can be put together, along with my personal experience with those different methods. Of course, everything offered here is entirely biased towards what I think, and there is no write or wrong method when it comes to plotting. I also touch on pacing and how that can hold a reader taut or push a reader away. That ever-so-useful advice is here.

Finally, I’m going to be diving into the actual writing aspect, or at least a few things that can make it easier to keep track of what you’re doing and have it all polished at the end. That educational note is right over here.

It will all be very nerdy and full of over-enthusiastic and slightly sarcastic insight, and it will hopefully be fun for everyone.  Or at least not overly torturous.  Hurray!


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